Anna Kim

A Failed Attempt at Deficit in 3 Acts

attempt-at-deficit2-1 attempt-at-deficit1-1 attemp-at-deficit-3-1

“A Failed Attempt at Deficit in 3 Acts”, 2007

 A sociological thought experiment based performance. N/A


The artist approached random strangers with the aim of reaching financial deficit through the interaction. Initially the strangers were asked for a quarter  dollar (25 cents) upon which the artist offered one dollar ($1), a term if agreed upon would mean a profit margin of 75% for the participant. The “Act” references both an operatic repertoire as well as the scientific method through which a hypothesis is tested. The artist’s “attempt” is to disrupt the widely accepted economic narrative of limited resources, and therefore inevitable competition, within the system of capitalistic commercialism in a grand, if not quixotic, gesture of desiring to reach a state of ‘deficit’, “anti-profit.” Ironically, the artist’s ‘attempt at deficit’ ended in failure due to the participants’ voluntary choice to “give-up”/”offer-up” their quarters rather than to accept the $1 in exchange.

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