Anna Kim

Weapons of Mass Destruction


Weapons of Mass Destruction, 2006
Color coded world map, robotic butterflies, plexiglass, florescent lights, wood.
112(w) x 90(h) x 30(d)cm

A color coded world map illustrating the possession status of weapons of mass destruction at the time (2006). Weapons of mass destruction largely fall into four categories: nuclear, chemical, biological, and ballistic missiles. Countries are colored according to their level of weaponry possession, ranging from All=light green, Chemical=red, Biological=blue, Nuclear weapons once possessed but given up= light blue, None=pink. Especially, robotic butterflies denote the countries that possess nuclear weapons, flapping their wings in the order to their possession. Unfortunately, the categories of WMD have since changed to include other forms, e.g. radiological and the possession status of WMD by countries has significantly increased within the last 10 years.


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